11 thoughts on “Please Throw Me Away Chapter 44

  1. So, he isn’t the real son of the duke? Is he an illegitimate child, or someone like Adelle? And wtf with the siscon? I mean, he has never show any good interest at her, and now he is in love? Plus he said that Hexion stole her, does that mean that he wanted to marry her?


  2. This chapter was just like Kuarn. Arrived and went away like a whirlwind.

    Also, I think he might still be stuck at the age where boys pull the hair of girls they like (I think it’s kindergarten). I can’t think of any other explanation for his behaviour. Or maybe like with cats. They bring you dead mouse as gifts. Kuarn did something similar when he arrived back home, right?

    I hope the butler will be fine. Maybe Adele can even help him?

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  3. if the change they made was him not being her real brother so that he could have feelings for her then…lame. Super uber mecha buchi lame and overdone.


  4. Hello, I hope I don’t sound rude or ungrateful but is it possible to also post the previous chapter? I haven’t caught up to the latest, and I’d rather avoid reading from an aggregator site. Please and thank you!


  5. I don’t care if he likes/cares for her or not. Kuarn is abusive. Point blank. Nothing he does in the future will. Make up for the years of abuse he put Adele through. Thank God Hexion arrived tbh, he was gonna destroy a whole castle with little disregard for the consequences. Disgusting man.


  6. Such a strange way to show your love 🤔 and to feel wrong for being slapped when you just hurted the butler who didn’t do anything wrong…. Really…. unique.


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