9 thoughts on “Shadow Queen Chapter 43

  1. This is– too saaaaaaaaad..

    I feel like.. I don’t need her to be with any ML.. If she just reunited with her baby, then I’ll be so happy for her.. 😭

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  2. It is definitely interesting to feel a feeling of losing a loved one that never existed. No one to confide in because people will think you are crazy.


  3. My heart breaks for her, she lost her baby in more ways and she can’t even grief bc to the rest of the world he doesn’t exist. 😭


  4. I remembered the “My Fiance is in Love with My Little Sister” manga/novel where the mc also lost her child from different timeline.


  5. I wonder though, if she has no plans to be with the crown prince than Ian will not exist since Ian is her child with the prince. It’s so sad, she loves her baby so much. I want her to be happy & be a mother to Ian.


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