3 thoughts on “Shadow Queen Chapter 45

  1. “As a modern woman”, didnt she just go 5 years back in time? Why does it sound like she reincarnated or transmigrated?


    1. I think “modern woman” doesn’t mean a woman from the 20s in here. But a woman that is advanced in her time, she knows what is gonna be a hit later in the future so she can be on that side. For example, if now classical art is very popular, but later it is gonna be modern art (I’m using vague words because I don’t have much knowledge), then if during the time that classical art is popular, she starts investing in modern art, she’s gonna be a modern woman. Because later, she will be on the side of what’s popular. 🙂

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    2. If we go back 5 years from now, you’re
      basically know the pandemic coming and the rise and fall of companies/apps/ trends that you can use to your advantage.
      Like investing in Alibaba or Zoom. Make your nation respond better to the pandemic. Heck maybe even prevent it if you’re capable.


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