20 thoughts on “Villainess Maker Chapter 33

  1. Wow. Ayla was the one who liberated Charlotte from the slave trade but people are still accusing her? Men here except for our ML are truly shit.

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  2. Dude, she literally brought her to you, gave her medicine and told you who she was…WHY WOULD SHE DO THIS IF SHE HAD ARRANGED FOR HER TO BE A SLAVE IN THE FIRST PLACE?

    Why are these men so stupid?
    It’s like…boy, do you not logic? 🤦


  3. Extras: recognizes MC because of her red hair.
    2nd male lead: Can’t recognize Charlotte’s face, just because her hair is brown.

    I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that the male leads are a bit dumb, MC did say she was underaged when she wrote the novel.


  4. well i guess at least we’ll see if charlotte is really as innocent as she was described. whether she protects ayla and tells the truth or lies to the newest idiot because she’s actually a mean-spirited shrew who’s trying to get rid of competition. this will be interesting…


  5. fl : imma help rhbd with the release of this bitch
    red haired bastard guys (rhbd) : she is not my bitch
    fl : drink this to recover your voice bitch
    bitch : *hesitantly but still drink* yes i am Angelo
    rhbd : u mf piece of shit is this your doing !
    fl : why i create dumb char like him…


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