11 thoughts on “Villainess Maker Chapter 16

  1. Are the translators out of their mind??? Why have you named the prince Muhammed!? Hurry up and remove it and stop using the name of the Prophet for these stupid fictional characters!!

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    1. ???? sir go take the hangul and put it in translator yourself, it gave you that name, do you think we wanted to???


      1. I checked it like you mentioned, and I apologize, but I would still request you to change the name to something else other than “Mohammad”. I as a reader from your website will appreciate it, and I’ve already complained to the relevant authorities on this matter.


    2. ugghh, why are you even reading these types of manhwas if you’re so religious??? Islam strongly rejects the concept of reincarnation. And now here you are reading a reincarnation-themed manhwa and complaining that mohammad’s name is used?? on a non-Muslim literature?? In the first place, don’t read reincarnation manhwa since it’s against your religion. Smh


      1. are we not allow to read it? it’s just an entertainment and it’s not like we believe it. just because you watch a magic-fantasy movie, does that mean that person who watch that need to believe that magic or dragons truly exist? it’s all up to the person to believe it, but for most, we just watch it for entertainment. to fill the past time.

        and i do believe that the user ‘dontcreatetrouble’ has been over-reacting quite a bit. my apologies if this offend you. sure, i am surprised when i read his full name, but i dont think it’s not worth the trouble to cause such a fuss. but that’s only my perspective. i cant really represent us when i’m just one person. sorry for such a long reply and possibly terrible grammar. if there’s something that displeased you in this reply, i apologize for that.

        and once again i apologized for inconviniencing you and for the user as well. i’m sorry to the translators, it’s not up to you to decide the characters name in the first place. you’re just translating it faithfully…….this is quite a long reply but i hope you read this. (p.s. btw i really love this manhwa and all other manhwas you’ve been translating, keep up the hard work! and thank you for sharing this with us for free ^^)


      2. Um yeah sure! SURE you think we believe in reincarnations cause we don’t and we know it. We CAN read mangas manhwas or anything as long as it doesn’t show something inappropriate. Bruh if you don’t even know something then don’t point it out, save your energy and if don wanna save time or energy go search and dig deep bout watchu gonna say before you make a fool outta yourself. No hates man but still, gaining knowledge before going on to tell something to someone is important cause if you don’t do so ppl will think you dumb dumb. Aaaaaaand another thing, what is this? A non-muslim or like you meant as a not a religion regarding manhwa, right? We pointed it out since Mohammed is supposed to be AND IS a Islamic name, SO it is TOTALLY RIDICULOUS that they used it. And if it was some kinda problem and the translaters didn’t wanted to, then it’s fine. And it is definitely not against our religion to be reading this. It is only said to reduce the time we spent on these things, like reading for half and hour and then going back to pray or work. Hopefully you will talk after knowing enough to say something back after this. Still no hates. I apologize if I have offended you, as you have offended all of us here but just to let you know that I ain’t looking for a fight and I’m just correcting you. Sorry! 💜


      3. And another thing Aya even if we’re not religious, we would read this. A person doesn’t need to be religious (or not) to be able to read or stand up for something they feel that isn’t right. Gurl I urge you to get to know a teeny tiny bit of this concept so bad! Islam really does urges you to not believe in reincarnations or multiple life’s after death but when we ain’t believing it then there is totally no harm reading this. We can read all we want, thousands of reincarnation novels, books, movies, manhwas or whatever as long as we know that there is nothing called reincarnation in real life. 🐥😛❤️🎵


    3. Muhammed is one of the most popular names out there? It is extremely common, I don’t think the work of fiction it is in matters all that much.


    4. changed the name?
      i knew it’s a fiction, but Mohammed is a good name. his parents knew it so well and wish him to be a good guy. and fyi it’s like the author just threw in all names associated with emperors or the equivalent (werner and karl from HRE, austria and mohammed from egypt and ottoman empires)


  2. A pet peeve of mine is when they change the setting for these kinds of novels. For example, the author apparently wrote that the father hated the villainess, but it was actually just a misunderstanding all along. I’m still enjoying the story, I just wanted to vent a little.


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