4 thoughts on “Villainess Maker Chapter 21

  1. Dude she mistook that as neglect disinterest and hate…. She thought you despised her because her birth killed your beloved wife.

    For 15 years or more she’s lived aware of the absence of your direct love for her, thinking she was reviled, unloved, unwanted… Wtf are dumbass parents so clueless…


    1. Uhhhhh, no, the writer thought that, because that is how she wrote the dad, and wrote the story.

      As for how Alya actually felt… well we can’t know cause MC replaced her. And since the characters don’t actually think and believe how she wrote them to, then we can’t know from what she has written either. Charlotte actually being able to be cold, spiteful and jealous for example.

      So no in this case he isn’t a dumbass parent, because for all we know the previous Alya knew that, and was happy about it.


      1. Well the author is the creator in both instances… There is a clear character design…as the reader you can interpret how you wish… Meaning all is valid or not depending on that individual reader…


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