8 thoughts on “Villainess Maker Chapter 28

  1. Lmao, the staff corner! ❤️
    But seriously, this is one of the type of Manwha that you couldn’t mtl even if you wanted to.
    Such convoluted monologues 🤣
    The FL over thinks EVERYTHING.
    I guess it makes sense for her to have tried being a writer 🤣
    Poor Killian, he got put in the doghouse for being too greedy and now he’s ready to demand attention 🤭

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  2. Was it shown what happened to the lady that brushed past killian???….I can’t just find it and I am curious to know….altho I do have some guess….still I am curious 😐

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  3. I’m guessing his destruction of the kingdom 500 years ago was unintentional then due to the misfortune following him because he’s a sorcerer? And because of that he thinks of himself as a monster(?)

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  4. I can’t help but fall for Killian, walls be damned, I’ll risk a heartache if it means one more moment w/ that man.


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