19 thoughts on “The Princess Imprint The Traitor Chapter 22

  1. I truly enjoyed the shocked face of that father… lol
    Btw good job Mikhael!! Even tho you don’t remember the previois life you still fall in love with Eve… gosh I’m so excited for the next chapter
    Thanks for the update!!!

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  2. I still don’t like the eighth and third princesses. They’re both cunning foxes. The king is one not way better from them, but not by much. In any case, the main characters are very likeable.

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  3. This is a good reminder that “real” people aren’t caricature of evil with no redeeming traits. The fact that the king can be a POS actively involved in the enslavement of a race of people doesn’t mean he can’t be a funny guy who loves his family.

    So, life lesson for you guys, now just gotta wait for Mikael to shiv the bastard.

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    1. I quite glad they show this.

      I remember playing Farcry4 and finding the secret ending which showed that the villain really wasn’t lying when he said he was taking care of the nation for him. He was definitely an evil dictator but he did live up to his own morals.

      Hell, all the villain’s in that game had their moments that showed this. While the heroes were more traditional black&white types.

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  4. Thank you for the translations, I always appreciate how high quality the tl and clrd end up being! This is such an interesting story and I really love all of the characters! Very excited for Eve to get everything she deserves and more.


  5. I feel like the people are being a bit too harsh on the Emperor, considering he’s lived all his life with the teachings of the Empire his actions are understandable (Irredeemable but understandable), if our ML hadn’t being taught by an alchemist that had the notion that all sentient beings were the same she would act the same way.

    And considering he haves like a whole harem with as many (or more) kids, it’s also understandable that he would fail to notice not everyone is up to the same standards…

    He doesn’t “seem” to be a bad person that does things out of “malice” he’s acting as he was taught… heck, there were emperors in real life that actually believed they were sent by “god” to rule over men.

    Nothing is as “black or white” as it’s mostly painted… they are wrong, of course, and things need to change, but that’s not up to the current emperor, it’s mostly always the next generation that will hold power who need to realize what they want to do with that power.

    That’s why it’s paramount that she becomes empress, If only the social advancement could be achieved by just changing ONE person… such a wonderful and fantastical world the author is painting.


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