6 thoughts on “The Princess Imprint The Traitor Chapter 23

    1. probably can let sound in but cant let sound leave. hence why they are able to talk just fine to eachother. although if you mean that it is sound coming from another sound proof room then thats probably just a plothole

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    2. They we’re inside one of the barriers, they were loitering outside; kind of like a changing room, I’m guessing, where there’s personalized ‘areas’ for the need, but the room is big enough for walking space/sitting?


  1. I swear all since he became her knight, they’ve been hinting at some sexy time so as a fan of quality art and storytelling, I look forward towards any sexy time 😂😂😂


  2. I love how he keeps on “kinda” anticipating it. Then “kinda” being disappointed every time. I feel slightly bad for him but the amusement of watching him have a side getting his hopes up and then being conflicted with the fact that he got his hopes up is cute.


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