8 thoughts on “The Princess Imprints The Traitor Chapter 3

  1. The first 3 chapters of this are so incredible, man….not that I don’t like the rest so far, just the painful mikhael -> eve longing where she just slips out of his reach is so *clenches fist*

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  2. Awww, my heart goes out to him. He did everything for her. He loves her so much. You can see him cry at the end.


  3. f****** h***… my heart— excuse me… I need oxygen, please. Gosh, his love for her is—🤧 He really loves her🥺


  4. “I’m gonna murder everyone because she’s gonna marry someone else” isn’t exactly romantic…

    But well at least he repented hahaha, hope things turn well for him in his next life.


  5. get you a man who will start a rebellion because he found out you were about to be sold off to marriage to another kingdom 😩

    also his last line- “whether you kill me or choose me, either would be fine” WHO TF ARE CUTTING ONIONS


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