20 thoughts on “Kill The Villainess Chapter 10

  1. Hua😭😭😭😭 I’m sobbing 😭😭😭 how sad😭😭😭 When she said she missed her parents.. I just cant😭😭😭 Bang*sat lah crown prince tu aaaa

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  2. The amount of hate I have of the emperor and the prince is insane! I want to kill them both! How dare they use her and her family. I want the father to pull out of this shit thing!

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  3. why doesnt she just simply break the engagement and leave to the countryside to get at least a better life (dont bother to see the annoying people like her fiance and the lowly lover) until she figure out the way to return to her own world rather she just hella stupid obediently follow the novel plot, whats the point of waiting for engagement to be broke like the original plot, and whats the point acting as a villainess/evil, only to make her suffer. and I also hate that two face bitch Helena, sometimes I always wonder why theres a lot of these kinda shit character in every story I read/watch. but again, thats what the writer/author wanted so thats how it is.

    anyway, whens the next chapter?

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    1. yes same. I have my doubts about that girl Helena because she’s not the real Eris anymore what if the things in the novel she had read would be twisted. Or is it just meπŸ€”


    2. but the thing here is that eris did not have a father who would support his daughter from escaping. the emperor also seems like someone who wouldnt just let someone off for disrespecting or going against his will (as presumed with previous crown prince)
      The society she lived in very very hierarchal. not everyone can live like emma, a clueless girl. eris was someone who knew the nature of her status and responsibilities. that is why she could not leave. she has to wait for crown prince or her father or the emperor to break this political alliance. it is not as easy as it seems


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