23 thoughts on “Kill The Villainess Chapter 11

  1. I love how she’s running away from the original plot!
    But I don’t really understand why she wants to go back… I mean, her family sucks, her life doesn’t seems so good… I understand that the missed a lot of things, but I’m not agree with her decision if her reasoning is “I should have been more affectionate”…

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    1. It’s the life she knows and is familiar with. Even though it’s not the best, it’s hers and she misses her family. Now that they’re out of her reach, she regrets not doing more to try to fix the situation.

      It’s really important to communicate with your loved ones and not let resentment build up, but our gal’s stoicism really bit her in the butt.

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      1. Different personality types. Can’t really ‘fix’ that. Nor should it be treated as something to ‘fix.’ My egg donor tried. She’s a natural extrovert and I’m a natural introvert/stoic type. Trying to force someone to be something they’re not, or favoring children who align with your personality type’s pretty shitty. Also Asian families still have a bad habit of sticking to old school ‘favor the son’ mentality of ye olde is still prevalent. It’s changing a bit…but old habits die hard. Source: Am Asian who was eldest daughter and had a younger brother who was spoiled completely rotten.

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    2. Would you rather stay in a world where you’re a stranger and is destined to die or have one more chance to be with your real family? She never wanted to be in this world where she doesn’t belong. At least in her world, she has a choice to make everything better. Having that kind of family does suck but if she opens up more to them, they could reach an understanding. Unlike in the current world she’s in, she has to pretend to be someone that she isn’t.

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    3. I don’t think her family sucked, every family has flaws, her parents aren’t the best but definitely not the worst, and it seems that they genuinely care about her. We only saw the bad side but that doesn’t mean there were never happy times or that they were always bad. But sometimes our minds just clings to the things they hurt us with. I think she said that because maybe if she acted less indifferent and didn’t close her self off they’d have been able to have a better relationship with each other, and who knows, maybe if she talked to them about it and opened up they’d have realised what they were doing wrong.

      I just don’t see this small flashback as enough reason to feel like it’s okay to not see your family again.

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    4. That’s because the desire to be loved by family is a strong instinct – our basis of society is built on it. I know plenty of friends with toxic family members and put up with it until they reached their breaking points in their late 20’s/30’s. I walked away from mine early on but the MC is still young (early 20s) so it’s still within reasonable parameters of wishful thinking. I tried to meet mine halfway for years and then gave up and walked away for good. It’s a process. For some it’s faster for others it’s slower. Each person has their own pace on how they handle things before they step back and are like “I’m totally done.” Emotional abuse/neglect is much easier to tolerate as a victim than physical abuse, so that also plays a factor into making it harder to leave a person. You get into a mentality of “well at least they don’t hit me.” Mine was a mix of both which made it easier for me to walk away and never talk to anybody in family ever again. A friend of mine was never physically abused- but even at her age now, she struggles to leave an super emotionally toxic family for good. She’s made a lot of progress but it’s not easy.

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    5. What family is perfect… Mine was great till it wasn’t, till life happens and sht hits the fan, after losing so many of my loved ones… The troubles seems so trivial when you can’t see them again

      I understand her 100% regret, yearning and deep despair… Her trying suicide to get back… I would do anything to turn back time to hear, see, feel them again…

      Aching hole that doesn’t let go because you can’t see them again… Treasure what you have while you have it.

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    6. Yeah, I dunno about you but living life in our time is a lot better for women… being forced to marry someone, taking slaps and lies, and not having the chance for a job that is paid well… who would want to stay?? What madwoman would wish that? ^^;

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    7. Honestly, even though her family life was bad, she reflects back on herself and despite understanding that it was blatantly unfair that her parents showered her brother with affection, she still wants to change if she were given another chance to meet them. It feels like this stems from how much she craved her parents’ love and affection throughout her life, even in this new life of hers. While it may objectively be better for her to try and embrace a new version of herself or look for love in other forms, she herself misses what she wish she had, and wants to make those efforts for even the chance to have what her brother had. It made me cry with how real that is, that humans continue to crave affection and validation even if it’s irrational, even if it’s from people who have hurt them over and over again. Also, she reflects on how much the people in this world love this lady, from the servants to the lady’s father. She states that she even feels like she “stole” this loving environment from the original lady, which implies that she doesn’t feel like *she* has earned that love; it belongs to someone else. I think she wanted to be loved by her original family as her original self, authentically. This manhwa really has me sobbing.

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    1. It would have been useless to ask someone to kill her since it was already mentioned that she, herself, can’t die due to “fate” manipulating her life.

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      1. I think I read somewhere that she couldn’t die by her own hand due to fate. That only applies to her trying to commit suicide and if you think about the dragon scene, I think that was some foreshadowing…

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  3. The plot is refreshing and the angst is delivered well. If i got transmigate the no. 1 thing i would miss is the internet😂😂
    So the run away plot off we go


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