7 thoughts on “Kill The Villainess Chapter 12

  1. Male Lead? Please? Maybe? I really hope so. I need more Average Joe-looking MLs before my standards are beyond reason. (I say average Joe because of the brown hair, but he’s high key hot).

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    1. As a guy who reads a lot of these, I can say that my evaluation of my own attractiveness has certainly dropped during quarantine.

      Yes, blond, black, and silver are the only three attractive hair colors in men. It is fact, and one of them is not even possible.

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  2. Yay it’s updated! Glory be to translator boss oh waves flags of celebration!

    Kids… Looks like she can use that place and help at the same time.

    I wonder how she will go about finding a way home with these kids?

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  3. Why tf would anyone like to read a novel (I’m talking about the original one) with such a trash Male lead? Like just thinking about him pisses me off ughhh


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