29 thoughts on “Kill The Villainess Chapter 15

  1. stay calm. do not cus. breathe in. breathe out. stop thinking. I’m calm 🔪

    idk if the old heroine might or might not be good but we’ll see

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  2. Oh wow, maybe the old heroine isn’t so bad. I mean, she’s learning. Still kinda trashy to move in on a taken man, but maybe she’ll correct that as well.

    I wonder if there’ll actually be a male lead in this book? Since her main goal is to return to her original world dead or alive, it seems unlikely, but also, since the priest guarantees that she can’t return alive, then at some point she might have to accept reality and stay in this world (possibly as a commoner with that Brown-haired guy from earlier? Maybe? Hopefully? If she stops being mean?),

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  3. sigh I really hate apologies like that, in the end isn’t the only one who will feel good after this “apology” is the old heroine wether she was forgiven or not? sometimes kindness isn’t always a good thing, She apologised without even considering what the other person would feel, if it we’re the old Mizelian I bet her pride would hurt and she would even be more angry, aghhh anyways i just really hate it, instead of an apology she should have stopped that slap and the misunderstanding happening when she already know of this but instead she didn’t do anything and just stand there and dizzy dazzy and now she’s apologizing??? isn’t that just to make herself feel a little bit less guilty of what happened??!!

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    1. true but we still dk her true intentions or if her intention is to >actually< apologize or to relieve herself of her own guilt. i think heroine shoulda done this in private but otherwise what can you really do if u want to properly make amends for fcking up? if heroine grows to become a self aware person, then shell improve herself instead of giving a half assed apology


      1. yeah I honestly think that half of the reason she apologized is because she feels really guilty about it but in the end did she even think of what Mizelian would feel? the only thing that will happen is that she’ll feel less guilty because she already apologized but what can we do? she’s the heroine of that novel characterized with lots of kindness and ignorance sigh


  4. I like it. It’s not easy to apologize especially since the heroine could’ve just swept this whole incident under the rug and forgotten about the incident. But she didn’t do that and in fact came out on her own bravely. That’s bold and I love it. Idk if she’ll be good or not, but for now she seems like a decent character.

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  5. I thought the original heroine was too dense, I’m glad she relies that she’s somewhat at fault too and apologised for it. She seems sincere but her actions in the future will determine how trully sincere she is (and if I will like her or not). Will she, in the future, try to stop the crown Prince from doing something like this again or not? And would she try to solve a misunderstanding in case one happened? An apology alone sint enough, she needs to confirm it with her actions.

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  6. Girl…. first, of all let go of your hand, ask her to talk in private and then apologoze all you want. im not saying that you being commoner is bad but for someone who are not close with each other you are being overly personal and touchy and not really considerate… also you are in public so at least do it so it wont cause more misunderstandings and rumors… your apology might spell more trouble for the one you apologize for if people see it


    1. I dont know whether or not this girl is sincere but i wish people around her, at least her mom (for all i know she had a mom), can teach her more about how nobility works…. if she knew the norms and etiquette, and actually feels bad, she can put some distance and correct what she did wrong…

      well its a tall order because everyone around her (especially the mfs prince) indulge her and pretty much tell her to ignore those “rule”s


  7. bastard move but why doesn’t she find a way to kill another person’s soul from her original world so she can in live in their body? maybe not even kill either- just find a empty shell. also, im thinking there’s a chance that eris’ soul is alive and in the old body from other world.


  8. I don’t understand why everyone is so mad at the heroine. She messed up, recognized it and apologized. If we’re even a little empathetic we can see how she let the situation escalate and why she regrets it. Having the strength to apologize is admirable. And also, how is she supposed to stop the crown prince in the first place? She’s not nobility. She’s his childhood friend but she has to understand how precarious that role is by seeing how he treats MC. I hope this situation helps her figure out how to deal with him but I can understand why she would struggle with it initially.

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  9. I feel so bad for our MC. Hopefully she finds a way to the original world. That would be very interesting to see.


  10. i usually hate ignorant heroines but hopefully this one is better? after all, shes new to the noble life and she could barely do much but rely on others for help. if she DOESNT improve after this apology, then yea yuck but zzz we still dont know her true nature and idk id enjoy the plot more if this was something similar to Your Throne with the naive heroine growing to become better

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  11. Of course it was your fault, you didn’t say anything at all. It’s nice that she apologized, but she should’ve gone to the prince to tell him the truth, even if she went after MC had already left. The same thing with the maid. Sigh, it doesn’t matter if you acknowledge your wrongdoings if you don’t correct them.


  12. true whether she was sincere or not in this so called “apology” in the end actions speak better than words, yes she’s very kind but why so ignorant? she’s old enough to know what’s happening around her especially the rumors between the prince and her and what’s HAPPENING around Mizelian , she could’ve atleast chosen a better place to apologize or maybe she just wants Mizelian to be more misunderstood tsk tsk.


  13. Uh, can everyone like, please look up spoilers for the novel? There’s a thread for that on novel updates, geez. Seriously, the original MC isn’t even that bad. Don’t go hating on her when even Eris doesn’t hate her. Keep your hatred for that stupid crown prince and the higher power that transmigrated Eris, not this girl.


  14. I really hope this one’s one of those where the original FL is genuinely good… I’m getting so tired of all those stories where the original is villainised for drama


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