17 thoughts on “Kill The Villainess Chapter 5

  1. Okay, I hate this maid and I hate this prince. Helena seems to be fine and to be a good girl, so I hope she will say something to him. But I’m sure she won’t be angry because she is sooooo niiice πŸ™‚

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    1. OML that piece of sh*t. And just thinking about how the synopsis says it’s gonna turn around somehow makes my blood boil. Boy, I hope you’re gearing up for a rollercoaser into hell.

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    2. I think that Helena isn’t really a good girl, she just lets the misunderstanding going on and only be surprised when she sees Erin getting slapped. Yeah, what a “good girl” she is. I would believe that she is actually two faced.

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  2. gwad i think im having my blood pressure up while reading this manhwa I MEAN HE’S AN ENGAGED CROWN PRINCE DON’T YOU HAVE ANY SHAME HAVING THAT KIND OF RELATION, YOU SLY WENCC


  3. SLAP BACK!!!!!!!!! SLAAAAPPP!!!! BAAAAACK!!!!!! PLSSSSS!!!!!😀 from now on… Bcz of what he did, I will never forgive him now ship himπŸ˜’


  4. In batoto the panels are a little wrong if possible please fix it or please leave a message at your future chapters do that other readers will know they can read it correctly here.


  5. I hope she kicks him in the nuts. And sorry but I hate the goody-two shoes act this Helena has going on. F off, sissy.


  6. Gosh, this is infuriating. That crown prince is trash, so that girl Helena always acting like a nice girl. A nice girl would explain what happened and not let her “friend” be treated like this


  7. So far, it seems like Helena is very submissive and passive, won’t ever say no, and tries to please everyone. I can see why that would make her seem like a ‘good girl’, but she probably just doesn’t speak up about anything AT ALL. She looks like she needs help, honestly.


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