11 thoughts on “Kill The Villainess Chapter 6

  1. Stupid self-entitled narsistic crown prince…. we’ve seen this troupe so many but i still at disbelief at how this troupe came to be…. sure princes and princesses can be naive but cmon, the royal families are not stupid enough to put these kinda brat as the next successor

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    1. He’s only the successor because he’s the only prince in the royal line, the first one died and he was the second prince to be born. Naturally making him the next king


  2. I’m dissatisfied with her counterattack with the crown prince 🙂 hope that she’ll get her revenge nxt time


  3. Hoooo the MC is soo Badass😍😍😍
    This is the first time the MC is not trying to avoid death flag and even so clever to just kill herself if you want to go back😂😂


  4. Besides how awful the prince is, no one was willing to comment about the ‘my possession’ line (in-story and here)? That just goes to show how Helena isn’t willing to defend herself. Or maybe she understands her low position.

    Anyways, nice comeback from Eris.


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