22 thoughts on “Kill The Villainess Chapter 9

  1. Oh no… oh no this is making me wanna cry at 7am oh noooo. 😭😭😭 Eris ah that stupid crown prince. Thank you speedcat for your translations!!!😭😭💕💕

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  2. Stupid Crown Prince and let’s not forget that nanny’s daughter, just bc she is “nice” or “kind” doesn’t mean she isn’t at fault. “ nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance” or “ Ignorance is not innocence but sin” I think these two quotes describe her perfectly.

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  3. I hate people who judge others based only on what they see or hear but didn’t know the real story behind it.

    Eris’ situation is so sad 😞

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    1. indeed she was labelled as villain on the novel when that damn prince is the reason the real Eris is like that. tsk tsk


  4. Seems it might have been Eris herself that forced her here…to take her place…though not intentional…something is forcing this shit to play out…fate? A god? A powerful being?…

    A dragon had to follow a convoluted path just to die… How ridiculous… Find that mofo and kill them

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  5. Even the original Eris wanted to disappear from that world, it is not weird our FL also want the same. Eris’ fate in that world is really pitiful

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  6. Ugh. I feel bad so bad for the original Eris. It’s not her fault she was dealt the role of “villain”, and she truly was a good person. Look, the knight and priest are tolerable, but the prince? Yeah, no, he sucks. He is by far the worst character in this story…well, aside from whatever higher power controls this world and forced our MC to become Eris and controls everyone else’s fates. A big ol’ middle finger to them.


  7. The real Eris was not even a villainess, she just act based on her position. What was the point of learning all those boring teaching of becoming empress if you could became empress just by smiling? She deserve her position because she is capable


  8. This comment contains fan theory and perhaps mild spoiler:

    so basically, the real reason why ‘eris’ disappeared and mc came was because emma wished for her lady’s wish to come true. Emma wished she was a sorceress so she could help her lady. this is a wild theory but what if…. what if emma had hidden blood line, which resulted in the wish that ‘eris’ desperately thought of in that moment, it came true. but the law of casualty wouldnt allow ‘eris’ to disappear. she needed to fulfill her role so that is why mc transmigrated.


  9. I can totally understand eris, i mean she has given her maximum effort to be empress, she didn’t even expect ‘love’ from crown prince. And yet, the crown prince didn’t Appreciate even aware of eris effort, but the fl (i forgot her name) can easily noticed even you can consider she can became empress one day, looking at how crown prince adore her just because of sweet smile, pretty face and lovely personality.

    Became empress absolutely can’t just because of love. The position of empress must be filled by someone who is capable. Not just because of ‘love’.

    And I don’t like the FL from the start, she act like a naive, innocent girl bit i think that not really who she is. Looking at the fact that she never really stopped crown prince harassment toward eris. (For example, when eris was slandered by the maid)


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