14 thoughts on “When The Villainess Loves Chapter 47

  1. Mmmmm I don’t understand how she falls for him though. I don’t feel the chemistry between them and her reason to find him all the time is quite unclear. Don’t know, probably I just don’t find him more good looking than the other men around her. So it’s weird she felt flustered because of him but fine with the other men.

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    1. Honestly, I agree. She wasn’t very interested in him while she was still alive, and after meeting him she instantly becomes almost oblessed with him


    2. I think it’s because unlike he others, he was the mysterious character she never really knew anything about. She has already an idea of each of the others because they are male leads while Dan was just an extra that did not play a very active role in the real story.


    3. I think its because she sees the other characters as characters from the novel. The novel she read does not describe Daniel very well so she is curious and does not know his personality.


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