27 thoughts on “The Way to Protect The Female Lead Older Brother Chapter 27

  1. How is roxana so pretty i wanna cry 😭 tysm for the updates, cant wait to see the progress for roxana our bbgirl


  2. the chapter is kind of confusing
    but what was the vow she shared with dion??
    and ohhhhhh dion he looks just like a thirsty brother aiming for a sweet siblings love and warm hug from roxy and I knew that he’ll never betray her
    and woohh hoooow 😝😳 the older brother
    I kinda like he’s appearance

    and thank you sooo much

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  3. I already knew that scene btw the og fl and jeremy is from the og novel
    cuz our jeremy would’ve kill her even before she spells roxanna’s name lol


  4. Thank you for this chapter! Idk if it’s just me, but it seems like Dion has feelings deeper for Roxanna than a normal brother-sister relationship 🀨 It seems like there’s more to this than meets the eye hmmm…


  5. What kind of pledge did she just enter with him? And I’m sorry, has he secretly been a sub this whole time? And that clip from the original novel was intense. Roxana was into some weird stuff in her previous life lol


  6. wait does her saying that it doesn’t matter because they’ll both go to hell anyways mean that she’ll indulge in his incesty love? that’s what i got from it but im not sure


    1. There is no mention of incestuous behaviour so far. I guess, he is desperate for at least some kind of attention (to be loved like she loved her dead brother) and is willing to serve for her for that. But it also seems that there is room for your own imagination (depending on whether you fancy the idea of a more intimate relationship or not).

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  7. Love the chapter, it’s finally the time skip!

    Also is it just me or the hand of the older brother is anatomically incorrect did the artist not notice it?


    1. Yup, the hand got me confused for a hot second too!
      Unless he literally has two left hands, which ugh, okay? Weird, but the Agriches are the only ones who could pull that off imo lmao


  8. Dion wants to make Roxanne cry probably because he wants her to care for/love him as much as she cared for/loved her own brother. I can’t get the image of how surprised/twisted he looked when Roxanne cried and blamed Dion for Asil’s death when they were younger.

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  9. So, 3 years have passed since he escaped? And they still haven’t seen each other?

    But… I really like Dion… I think he just wants love. I’ll give as much as he wants~~


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