8 thoughts on “Answer Me, My Prince Chapter 14

  1. I think liam is archie, in the future he will go to her world and with the time modification will come before she started talking to him ! He made too much references (the tea, the fact someone said he writes well)

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  2. I’m certain Liam and Archie are the same person. I’m also pretty sure the red-headed “prince” from that portrait is Cordelia’s mother, and that she’s also the author of both books.


  3. Very excited to see liam act like this. Obv her red hair and what she remembers of her mother is hint hinting at something. Makes me excited to see how the story is going to play out.


  4. Waaahh I binged this…rather than a fountain pen I have Kilda sent my phone lol added selfies music and tonnes of books inside it! He would have to send the phone back to get recharged


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