3 thoughts on “Why Would a Villainess Have Virtues? Chapter 8

  1. I had a feeling the last chapter that the emperor was “ok” and yeah while he’s clearly a tyrant, but considering he sacrificed someone he cared for deeply for the sake of the empire i can at least respect him as someone who is trying. I’m glad he’s not pure evil.

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  2. Ew. If he knew her at all, he would have known that she would be willing to do whatever it is that he had planned. Not blindly accuse her of trying to assassinate the “empress” and sentencing her to life imprisonment after breaking her everything. What he did, no matter how much he tries to defend himself, was not correct. Don’t say he did it as his responsibilities for the empire. Don’t romanticize it, don’t even try to defend it. She didn’t deserve that, and he most definitely doesn’t deserve her forgiveness. He has a lot of nerve even saying her name, I’m throughly disgusted.

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  3. rat emperor kills off our girl without even trying to see if she actually assassinated the to be empress and still has the nerve to care and think about her as if he’s in the right? IT’S UR FAULT SHE SUFFERED. Tbh thought he framed her but if he truly thought she did the crime, that means he’s just plain dumb


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