33 thoughts on “The Way to Protect The Female Lead’s Older Brother Chapter 29

  1. ngl the dynamics between dion and roxanna is still a bit fuzzy to me…
    and seeing how lant (the father) is such a heavy smoker, i hope he gets lung cancer or something i really can’t see him ugh

    also, thank you for the amazing chapter!!

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      1. Tell me why I knew it! The moment I saw him look at her the way a man looks at a women not a sister/family nor a threat or a pest/toy (which would seem normal in this family), but eyes one would reserve for a lover. I knew they would say that they aren’t related so it would be ok for him to feel that way towards her.

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      2. they are related and the look in his eyes has a different meaning. this is why MC said that it would have been easier if Dion had the same type of desire their older brother has.


      3. No, they ARE siblings. I heard about an alternate ending where she chose to stay with Dion. They didn’t elope but she didn’t choose ML even as she was dying. Her brothers were desperate from bring ml to save her but she refused.


  2. Omyyy and the family drama deepen, cant wait for her to step out of their grasp for once 😭 tysm for the updates, i wait for this series every week with brimming excitement x)

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  3. I don’t get the relationship between mc and Dion, like I read some explanation but it’s still not clear to me. And the relationship between mc’s mum and Maria.

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  4. Someone please give dion pair of scissors. I mean he is hot but he is hotter whit that short hair. So scissors plz


  5. I LOVE YOU DION!!!!Like, I know he is a bad guy who deserves the most painfull death, but he is so HOOOOOOTTT!!!!!
    The only thing is this long hair😞😑 its ugly and makes Dion look old and…🤮 but still

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  6. dear author and dion x roxanne shippers. you’re a bunch of weirdos. honestly.

    1. siblings? actual incest?

    hello? god i get he’s got but 🤡🤮 seeing y’all makes me glad to be ace, on God.

    i for one will be waiting and hoping he also dies byeeee~


  7. So…Dion wants her to care about him? Not romantically, but as much as she did for her brother…?
    That’s…kind of understandable since this boy is probably starved for real pure affection, and seeing her show that kind of affection towards her own brother made him want it for himself, but it’s also understandable why Roxanna loathes him.

    So it’s not really as easy as saying that he likes to see her cry. More like he knows that she can care enough about someone to cry over them and he wants her to feel like that towards him and her tears show him that she is still capable of caring that much.

    Like, I feel bad for him, but also not?
    This relationship makes me feel weird 😅

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  8. Thanks for the translation, but It’s missing a couple of panels where Roxana tells Dion she won’t even let him lick her skin and telling him to make it a bit more fun (?), so I wonder why that was left out


  9. I know it’s wrong but I can’t help but love Dion, out of the storyline that is, sure he’s hot but that’s not the only reason I like him. he’s just so fucked up I love it, his character has depth I can understand where he comes from and his obsession, I feel sorry for him but not at the same time because of what he did but I can also find reason in it still.
    yes, he would kill me in a heartbeat.
    yes, I still simp for him.
    I just like mentally ill characters that lack empathy and common sense.
    and yes I have issues.


  10. Y’all strange for wanting incest so much… like yeah they’re both very attractive but roxanna hates dion to the core and is literally only using him and dion just wants to make roxanna cry and emote in order to compensate for his own doll-like state and his inability to emote…


  11. I can’t hate Dion despite what he did though. He did it to survive in this sick family. With parents like that, he grew up watching sick people around him to survive. Since one has to be the strongest to survive in this family. The biggest villain is the father and (in Dion’s life) his mother, Maria as she is just as psycho as her husband. I wish roxanna n Dion can have a real siblings affection.
    And I agree with what AURANTIX’s comment about Why Dion wants to see Roxanna cry.


  12. Thanks for the update! But I think you guys missed a few pages from the raws. It’s the pages after Roxana said “would that have been better”.


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