7 thoughts on “Kill The Villainess Chapter 16

  1. I have to give this kudos. I hate this dude more than I’ve hated any ex-ML prince character in my time reading otoisekai, including the genocidal ones. Maybe it’s how real the way he just casually yanks her around like a rag doll? Normally the abuse will be either over the top or have a “but you like it when he’s forceful, don’t you 😜” undertone.
    This guy is just. Unpleasantly real.

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    1. I get U… I’m reminded of passive aggressive types, I hate them with a passion…statements like “Should you really do that?” As though questioning your judgement/intellect/commitment “is that how it’s suppose to be done?” Their tone of voice, posture, behaviour, expressions all scream out “Don’t do it you don’t look capable, I don’t trust you, your ability is lacking”

      At least a belligerent asshole allows you to react, either to ask that they leave etc, but against that the other type of asshole you have to play games… Find another more annoying work around…

      The prince is both types… She is only able to play word games like this to combat his obvious aggression… A tedious array of avoidance non combative actions to derail, diffuse, misdirect his bullshit…

      This cowardly piece of shit doesn’t have the balls to confront the king because he knows he’s powerless… So to grow his balls back he decides to target her… Fking waste of sperm he is…

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