4 thoughts on “Kill The Villainess Chapter 17

  1. Gosh, the fact that Eris’s subordinates can talk freely to her and still show so much love and respect for her is just making me sad. Cos real!Eris never felt loved by those who she wanted it from the most.

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    1. I always feel bad for these typesof characters, like ‘When a villainess loves’ the original did nothing wrong… She just had resting bitch face and got hated by people imagining her cruel nature just by how she looked…So many think one way vs the reality.

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  2. hmmm… well done author, nice set up, good development that didn’t feel forced, I like the pacing although it’s on the slow side the sets are being resolved brilliantly, I enjoy how she always takes the time to point out to the prince that all he haves to do is to step up to his father instead of pushing the blame onto her.

    I particularly enjoy how Jaded she is from her previous life and this life, she’s a flawed person that doesn’t want to fall down the path of hypocrisy, being self aware is rare in this stories, although that in itself is a kind of hypocrisy, she’s wrong… but her reasoning is correct.

    I like this character very much, not my favorite, but still she’s relatable.

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