11 thoughts on “Kill The Villainess Chapter 18

  1. She really name him “Anahkin”💀

    I’m holding out hope that the knight is the ML (if there’s going to be one). Seriously, I’ve been simping for him since the first scene he appeared in.

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  2. I wonder why everyone freaked out over a name?… maybe she was a fan of star wars, oh whatever, I’ve seen worse, the “Black Knight” in the “novel” she read, him being named after the most famous “Black Knight” in cinema isn’t a bad development…

    maybe she should have just named him “Vader”? hahaha


  3. LMAO SHE NAMED HIM AFTER STAR WARS ??? AMAZING KGKFJ also i just want to say thank u to the translators for working on this project !! ❤


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