9 thoughts on “Kill The Villainess Chapter 22

  1. I feel really bad for Eris. I want her to go back to her world. I can totally feel her longing for her parents but then I want her to end up with Anakhin. Maybe she could bring his soul, if not his whole self, with her back to her own world.

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  2. wow 4 chapters in one day! definitely feeling very spoiled. thanks for your hard work! it’s actually really refreshing to see a protagonist who is making an effort to return home 🙂 i certainly hope she doesn’t attempt to kill helena for a chance to return but it’ll sure be interesting if that’s the route she goes. i also hope anakhin is the ML because that would be totally cute. once again, thanks for the updates!


  3. I really hate those guys… I look at Helena with contempt because how fking oblivious she is… It’s annoying as FK… Even more than that shitty prince…

    I kinda feel bad for Helena to be killed for the shitty plot… But Eris needs to go home, hopefully she won’t have memories of that trauma when she gets a res…

    I really like how determined she is… I hope nothing derails it… Like she finds love there or some other shit drags her back…


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