14 thoughts on “Shadow Queen Chapter 50

  1. He’s not really a scumbag, if we put ourselves in his shoes.. It’s understandable considering what the real Veronica and her family did to him..

    But he still neglected his son..

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    1. Still a scumbag. Only scumbags disparage a group because of one individual or disparage an individual because they are part of a group. He hated her because of her family, and that makes him scum.

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      1. No offence but I disagree. Her family was horrible to him, forced a wife in him and constantly controlled him from the background (not sure but they also could have been responsible for the death of ceclia). She decided to ignore all that and aim for his love. Imagine how disgusted you’d be. Although it definitely doesn’t justify everything it doesn’t make him a scumbag either. He isn’t a Saint that’ll love someone who’s family he despised.

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  2. The ML isn’t the best, but he definitely isn’t scum. The way he treated our MC in the past is not due to his hatred for the real Veronica’s family. But it’s understandable to think he’s a pos because his true intentions are not revealed yet.

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  3. I don’t think the ML is inherently bad nor is he scum. He’s working within a very controlled environment and likely was as much a puppet as she was.

    That said.

    I would much prefer the prince not remain the ML. Not because he’s “bad” but because I don’t think it works with this kind of story and it’s narratively tiring. I would prefer “Ian” remain the tragic unborn child in her memories rather than an imo unsatisfying end where she gets everything she wanted originally. It would be nice if we just let first loves die. You don’t always end up with the guy you loved first. The life you spent your life dreaming about isn’t always what was right for you in the end.
    My ideal end has her getting closure with the prince and moving on, maybe even not getting with anyone.

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    1. Omg yesss! I’m tired of the whole girl getting the fairy tale happy ending. Focus on yourself and don’t be attached to the past. This is a second chance to have a different life, why go for the same drama that is the imperial palace. Heck no. It’s becoming annoying in all these stories,


  4. I agree that with all of you who said he isn’t scum but the fact he (ofc understandably) hated Veronica because of her family makes not want him to be the ML. The ML should be someone who can look past Veronica and her image and see the real person underneath. Everyone sees Veronica as someone who is someonr from that family and someone they can ignore or manipulate and the ML should be someone who is different from everyone else (just generally how ML are usually chosen). That being said I have read stories where that is not the case and its just the 2nd time around the ML just reveals his intentions and just proves that he may have been seen as an scum but this was his intention but I’m never usually a plan of that plot since at the end of the day it doesnt rly mstter what ur intentions r, u never paid any attention to ur son and wife and allowed ur wife to b mistreated by her so called family and killed( ik this is not exactly his fault but if he paid just a bit of attention to her then it probably wouldnt have been this bad). Sorry for the long rant i just really don’t like the prince and feel bad for our FL.


  5. Why do i have the feeling that there will be a twist that the prince knows their past life too? Well anyway, he is still a scumbag. Everytime the FL meet the prince, my heart ache as well.


  6. Looking at all these comments. I cannot wait for you all to know what happens after her death in the first life. 😂


  7. Is the prince gonna fall for her in this time line? Also is he the ML cause I thought it’ll be the handsome knight.

    Anywho I don’t think the Prince is a scumbag like everyone else said. I think he is an ass for not showing any love to his son but that’s it.
    Yall at forgetting that he hates Veronica & her family. He don’t know Elena & maybe if Elena didn’t act like Veronica and was able to freely act as her true self MAYBE he might have liked her. The Prince of that time-line is a product of his hate of The Grand Duke & his family. The Prince of this time-line could be completely different


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