22 thoughts on “Shadow Queen Chapter 51

    1. Yes, he’s more interesting than CP but he’s quite rough with our FL which is off putting. I doubt he’ll become shy. He doesn’t know how to gentle with a lady.


    1. I think so. There’s probably going to be a development like he didn’t hate her as a person, but her family had something over him and did something to him like killed his mother so he hated her thinking she was a part of it. So he isn’t actually a bad person who treated her cruelly in her past life. But that’s just my guess.

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      1. uhhhh her “father” (i.e. veronica’s) killed the empress (his fiance, the other girl that hangs at the art place). it was mentioned a while back. So he had plenty of reason to hate her (he also didn’t mean to have a child, I believe he was drugged or something to do it). So yeah… prince just-fully hated veronica, just never knew she wasn’t actually veronica.


  1. Okay last time i said no to the crown prince because of closure/thematically disappointing. Now I’m saying no because he’s coming off like every quiet weird dude who you know likes you and you don’t feel the same way, but he’s not *technically* doing anything to indicate that and there’s nothing *technically* wrong with him having to be where you need to be, but he just won’t leave so you have to power through his presence like a fart cloud that won’t evaporate.

    I don’t particularly want the cousin but the discomfort he brings is the kind you can do something about. What do you do when the annoying puppy latched onto you is next in line for the throne.


  2. crown prince is pretty socially inept. no doubt this character trait will disappear once its inconvenient to the story. ren lookin fine af tho!


  3. I honestly just wanted these two to leave her alone, I don’t want neither the prince nor Ren being ML, Ren is quite the idiot who thinks that taking advantage of someone will make her like him, and the prince even with the spoiler that he really loved FL, he neglected her and his son, and even if it was to “protect” her, IF SHE DOESN’T KNOW, IT DOESN’T MATTER. She was hurt so much that she felt uncomfortable around him, so every time he approaches her I just feel all the discomfort with her.


  4. I’m so confused I thought the knight was going to be the ML… maybe he’ll become more important in the upcoming chapters? But I think it would be interesting to see the prince, ren, and the knoght become ML 👀


  5. I don’t know why but I would much rather have ren as the ml than the crown prince. I just can’t find myself to like him even though he is now helping her. Maybe because he should clearly see that she is umcomfortable with him but he just doesn’t care and does everything he wants?


  6. Whoa whoa whoa…prince over here getting a little over protective lol
    At this moment I feel so bad for the real Lucia. Like ol’girl on her deathbed fighting for her life & Elena our here impersonating her 😆
    She don’t even know that she has the prince & annoying Ren inquiring about her 😂😂 if only Elena can be her ownself.


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