20 thoughts on “The Princess Imprint The Traitor Chapter 25

  1. is there really no hirarchical order when it comes to following commands? how stupid is that? so instead of following the order of waiting in front of the door or standing guard (whatever mc told him), he has to follow this command from the eight princess. as if that’s not enough, he knows that he needs permission from his master, but actually DECIDES HIMSELF not to do so. This makes absolutely no sense at all.

    It is not that hard.
    Commands priority:
    1. Emperor
    (2. Maybe Crown Prince/Princess)
    3. Master
    4. other memebers of the imperial family

    If the author can’t even do that and disregards basic logic in the world building. just to forcefully create some lame drama, then there is no point in continuing this story.


    1. Plot-holes that exist solely for the purpose of furthering the plot are indeed annoying.
      One could assume that the 7th didn’t order him to stand guard so he needs to obey the 8th, but it still makes no sense. The knight is there to protect the princes/ess, and one of their most potential enemies are precisely their brothers and sisters, it make no sense at all that the knight should obey an order from them, much more so if it results in leaving their protégée unprotected like in this case.


  2. Wahhh… I can’t stand her anymore, she’s pissing me off so much I might kill a real person out of anger wtf I hope she die the most painful death!!


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