18 thoughts on “Kill The Villainess Chapter 24

    1. No need to feel bad since she knows that she’s in the wrong/what she’s doing to the MC yet wants to be friends and good terms with her while ruining her relationship.

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      1. To be frank, she’s just trying to survive, besides, she has no choice, because she can’t reject the Crown Prince. All she can do, is ease her guilt by trying to be friendly.
        I’d say the real scum here is actually the Crown Prince.

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      2. Rejecting the crown prince means others are punished cause he is a piece of shit. She has no choice in any of this…..

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      3. You’re the type of person to say that Cinderella didn’t deserve a happy ending huh?


  1. I’m glad that there’s more to her than met the eye. A bit tired of the too naive or secretly evil “FLs.”
    Definitely ready for more 3-D characters, even if she doesn’t end up being up on the side of the FL after all, isn’t that what the villainess genre is all about?

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  2. Thank you for translating speedcat! ♡♡
    I understand the author showed Helena‘s POV, in order to make us understand and sympathize with her. But I don’t think I can do that. I can’t respect her character at all. She lives by trying to “get by”. She knows her circumstances hurt others one way or another, yet she continues to act/live within the framework that the novel created for her. If anything this chapter shows just how much of a more likable and courageous character Eris is in contrast. While also in a difficult and unfair position she’s trying to fight against the “rules” that were imposed on her by the novel. Even if that makes her the villain.

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    1. I think that the Fl will be the one to inspire her to instead of just trying to survive actually try to fight against it


    2. What do you think would happen if she rejects the royal family’s orders? Others suffer, they might be punished more than just being yelled at. The ones at fault are the spoiled royal family.


  3. That’s not really fair to Helena though. Eris and Helena never shared the same standing. Eris is a modern woman stuck in a novel, with a family she wants to go back to and nobody she cares for in the current world. She doesn’t have to think about how her actions affect other people. Because she just doesn’t care. That’s the whole point. Eris clearly cares about the people around her, but she can’t make a choice that doesn’t hurt anyone. And even if we discount the whole “Eris doesn’t see the people around her as real people” narrative, in the first place, the social standing of Eris and Helena isn’t the same at all.

    Eris is a noble of one of the highest birth. Helena is a commoner. They do not afford the same authority or autonomy over their actions. Helena just appears to have a choice because she is ‘beloved’ by people, but her social standing remains and it’s an open secret that as a commoner, she’s beholden to the people of above her in social standing. Just like how Eris keeps reminding her to remember her status, she tries to. But then what does she do when the person of the highest status tells her to “ignore status”. Eris being able to stand her ground is because of her privileged background compared to Helena. Just like how Eris though Helena having known no hardship and was privileged because of her beloved status s couple chapters back. In this world, Eris, while not having not known hardship is in a position where she’s privileged enough to “be her own person” to a certain extent without massive backlash.


  4. I still don’t like Helena and find her to still be annoying.
    I mean even if she’s stuck in this position because of that spoiled Crown prince which make her a bit pitiable, she doesn’t seem that naive in the end so why be all friendly ( almost flirting) and clueless with the others guys (red head and priest) and also why insist on being friend with Eris when Eris clearly don’t like her and she know she’s actually stealing Eris’ fiancé (albeit she doesn’t really have a choice because of her position).
    For me she’s being hypocritical while trying to find excuses to feel good about herself and view herself as a good person when she is not.


  5. That backstory just made her more annoying. She says she feels bad about other people getting in trouble because of her but she never confronted the prince or explained the situation. Instead of protecting the others by being a buffer between them and the prince, she just watches him abuse them while she acts all naive and “kind” with those puppy dog eyes.

    So basically, her mother didn’t bring her up to be a strong woman. In other words, she’s a very basic b*tch.


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