17 thoughts on “The Princess Imprints The Traitor Chapter 27

  1. like, i know he’s bad… but dang do i wanna get some of that *dying seal noises*

    on the other hand, besides simping, I do believe that what our MC is saying is true. although oppression is immorally good in the short term, it leads to long-term effects such as hatred…
    and that’s why we got our “future” kids, a world where the royal family was killed except two before a dog decided that she wanted to be “special”

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  2. Now is your time to shine and propose a better plan Eve! You can do it!
    On another note, that knight, Elijah… I don’t know how to feel about him yet…

    Thank you for the amazing chapter!

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  3. Such quality, such grace, such perfection, worth the wait, but also i’m an impatient nincompoop who wants mOAR. But in all seriousness, thanks for the chapter! Really appreciate it 🙂

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  4. Michael in a rage cos Elijah got Eve to blush is so funny to me. Also I love how bold Eve is to speak up even though she knows Bridget is baiting her. But because she knows so much from the 1st timeline, she can share her thoughts a lot better now than before. Can’t wait to see how she slaughters them with her plans in the next chapters.

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  5. I don’t understand how people with authorities can abuse their power so openly, thinking “that’s the way it is”, “that’s how it should be”, etc. Abusing it to their own people who were powerless. 🙄
    Even if MC died in her past life, I’m actually happy that their kingdom was doomed by revolution. Served them right. Except for the MC, I hope the imperial family all died miserably.


    1. It actually just becomes a habit.

      I work in a position of responsibility and even if I try really hard to encourage people to criticise or give input into a project or better yet, give actual ideas for a project, it’s actually really hard to get them to cooperate. It has happened that I would just show up with the whole plan already prepared and they’d all be like “it’s fine”.
      It’s just easier to go with the “Nobody cares nor will bother speaking up against it anyway, so I’ll just do whatever I want.” mindset.

      From there to abuse of power it’s a fairly easy downward step.

      It’s actually really hard to be mindful of whether what you’re doing is abuse of power or is still within the boundaries of acceptable decision making.

      The more the responsibility, the easier it is to fall into abuse of power. That’s why it’s so rampant in all aspects of politics. 🤷‍♀️


  6. I love this story so much. Thank you for the translations – I wouldn’t be able to read it otherwise. I’m so curious about how will things develop and I want to see their relationship develop so bad!


  7. Friiiiick why is Elijah so HOT ugh that smiling panel is worthy of a shrine. orz IT’S UNFORTUNATE THAT HE’S TRASH.


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