A Fairy Tale For Villains [Prologue]

Translator: Gina
Proofreader: Evolet and Space_Lady
Raw Provider: Gina
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The story of a princess trapped in a tower is cliché.

Even if not a princess, you may have heard of the noble young lady trapped in a tower at least once.

“…Maybe they’re just trying to mock us?”

Venya immediately refuted Lettis’s lackluster opinion. In other words, he was bitterly sarcastic.

“You’re the only one who can come up with such a trick. It ‘s not funny! You deserve a punch…”

“What? Hey, have some respect for your older brother.”

“You should look like an older brother first.”
TL/N: He means that he should look like an older brother first to receive respect.

“Sasha, do you really not understand? If it’s all a well-designed prank, it’s likely that you’ll be behind it.”

“Ah! That’s fairly plausible.”

Perhaps they’re trying to control their anxiety in a playful manner? I just grabbed my head at all the bickering.

I don’t believe that my lovely young masters will grow up to be villains who’ll go after an empire where the sun never sets, into ashes; I don’t understand.
TL/N: It says a never dying sun, so it refers to an empire with a great power.


…Indeed I don’t. Although I have a foreboding feeling that I’m starting to get it.

Whether the confusing and agitating aura has gotten to her, Estelle, who was just quietly chewing her lips unlike her brothers, stuck close to me, clasping my arms with both hands.

Estelle has had a weak constitution ever since birth, so she has been extremely sensitive to her surroundings ever since she was young. It was only me or my mother, who is now dead, that could comfort her.

“Do you really know anything, Sasha?”

I hadn’t known at all. Would it have been better if I knew this earlier?

The fact that not a bored demon or dragon, but some relatives trapped three noble siblings and their nanny’s daughter in a section of the mansion, shocks me.

At any rate, the fact that I don’t understand the current situation is the biggest problem. No matter how much I look back, I can’t remember anything about this part.recruit page

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