30 thoughts on “Kill The Villainess Chapter 25

  1. Honestly a very mature outlook on her part. OG Eris really put her through it… What I’ve deducted is that Alecto really is the wOoOOorst

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  2. i still dont know how i feel about her but from what i can tell so far is that shes not the type of heroine thats like “stop ruining my new life that i got yada yada”

    ps thx for the chap

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  3. Okay, you were bullied yada yada. But why is her response still “I can’t defy his majesty”, like, have you seen his bias towards you compared to how he treats Eris? He won’t f*cking kill you if you reject his pursuit at least once. She should stop creating situations in which Eris’ reputation is at stake. I still don’t like her.

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    1. “He won’t kill you,” but he will tho. He can and he will. He’s literally the ruling authority of the kingdom and entitled men like can do whatever they want. If she’s no longer in his favour, he could kill her and no one would bat an eye. He dorsn’t love her enough to set her free if she rejects him.

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    2. What? “ok you were bullied” how tf is that acceptable? Of course she can’t defy his majesty, even i have the common sense to understand that, he’s stuck up and narcissistic,if he doesn’t kill her, he’ll cage her, that’s the type of dude he is. If you want to hate someone that badlythen hate the prince.

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    3. The reality of it is that even disregarding Helena’s own fear for herself from Alec’s anger were she to refuse him as a commoner (which everyone here elaborated really well—read the others’ comments below), and the way her mom raised her up and taught her to only obey him and never speak up, you have to remember that Helena is actually really compassionate and cares for others. Even if Alec were to hurt her, she’d probably be more distressed if someone else was punished because of her, like we saw before.

      So if she refused Alec, it’s very possible that he’d do something to her and no one will be able to complain, since he has all the authority, and if he didn’t do anything to her herself, then he’d definitely “show her what it means to defy him” by hurting others close to her in front of her (and he sure knows how effective that’d be since her knows her ‘sweet’ personality).

      Helena’s situation is pitiful, really.

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  4. I don’t understand why everyone hates Helena so much. She was literally bullied, yet she forgave the villainess after seeing her pain. I think Helena is sorta nice in that sense. Plus, he’s literally the crown prince, and she’s a commoner. Do you not understand the huge gap in social class that is? What is she supposed to do? Imagine the pressure she must be feeling. I know some may think that she could have done something. However, when she tried to speak up for our MC, that A$$HOLE cut her off before she could. Plus, not everyone can speak up. Let’s say a commoner said some criticism to someone of higher class. What do you think is going to happen? They get immediately killed. Simple as that. Plus, even in real-life situations, people don’t have the guts to speak for themselves or help others as their social life is on the line. I think it’s just hypocritical to hate Helena since this chapter is like some redemption for her.

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    1. I think the phrase “The road to hell is paved with good intentions” is a good way of describing it, and ultimately “hating” her would be because she doesn’t do much and still gets “the good things”

      And in a novel where the setting is that the “god” is an author that wants a legitimate story to be told for certain characters, for them to play their part, and no matter how much they put effort if he wants you dead you’re dead… it’s not unreasonable to dislike the main character.

      And… mmm I really don’t see the hypocrisy? because the author spent a whole lot of time giving us “reasons” to dislike her, and this “redemption” doesn’t redeem those instances, it just paints a justification… which is flimsy at best.

      The author lacked tact and characterizations and this explanations feel like backpedaling on the previous representations.


  5. Im on the fence about Helena, i dont hate her but i dont like her either. Because of her mom’s way of raising her and Helena’s own decision making when she reach adulthood, she the typical ‘bystander’. If smt good happen to me i’ll let it happen, if smt bad happen i’ll let it happen. And because of her actions other ppl ended up getting hurt. Its one thing to be naive and ignorant, but she’s not, she came to a decision to simply let things happen ‘for the best result’. I still see hope for her tho, on the day she strts standing up for herself and actually voice out her own beliefs rather than play along, maybe i’ll strt supporting her to. As for the other hopeless trashy ml characters…. they can stay in the trash for all i care

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    1. Yeah, agree. Still I think it’s important to note that she’s a commoner and, in a way, the prince’s pet. She grew up under that conception so, defying the prince isn’t really an option, it would be hard enough as a noble (as we’ve seen with Eris), we can’t expect a commoner to stand up to the prince.

      At this point I don’t even know if I made sense, sorry. In conclusion, I hate and I believe we should all hate Alec, as for Helena, that’s your personal choice but throwing all the blame and responsibility to her while ignoring the prince’s influence is just not it.

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    2. Voice her own beliefs? She’ll get bullied, killed even. Just like how she tried to stand up for herself against the old villainess, she got bullied.that’s what happens. Your statement was ignorant. She has no choice but to let these situations happen. I think you’ve read too kany manhwas because in real life, no one can defy a prince if they’re a commoner, unless they want to be killed, or in helena’s case, forced to be in a relationship with the prince (or in other words sexual assault).

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  6. … Yes, she’s not at fault.

    The person that we should hate is that damn prince and his mother!

    They’re the ones that put these two ladies in this situation..!

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    1. I don’t know about the mother but she sure as hell is coming off as a bit of an enabler to the prince, but also we have no idea of how the power dynamics in that particular royal family are. But I think we can all agree Alec is trash and the root of all our problems.

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      1. Yeah… I feel bad for her now, if that shitty prince is forcing his affections and she’s just being submissive then I can’t blame her, only that prick…

        She’s a bit stupid to invite the attentions of other men as blatantly as she is doing with that stalker on her ass… Why be self aware when Eris is punishing her yet totally ignorant in other matters… Honestly that annoys me more…

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  7. Okayy, so up to this point I understand her and I can empathize with her, I can also begin to see her reasoning in the previous chapters but still I don’t care enough to go through her shitty actions and see why she could’ve acted like she acted.

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  8. i really dont get why people so mad at helena though? it’s not like she’s in a position to defy the selfish ass prick of a prince
    as erin said before even she herself is aware that helena means well towards her but is a bit dense towards the effects of some of her actions. but erin also doesnt really know how helena feels towards being forced to be the prince’s pet, as her image of helena is based off of a romance level with the two of them being the main couple…
    anyways thanks for the chapter!!

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  9. Ah, maybe the Prince wouldn’t kill her, but he’ll definitely punish everyone who is even remotely close to her, starting from her family, because this fucker knows, he knows that she cares about other people.
    I wish Helena and Eris joined forces, kind of like in Your Throne.
    Because this royal family is shit.
    I think that Helena is dealing with so much trauma and the belief that she can’t escape, because she literally couldn’t do it until now, every small hesitation or the smallest refusal to comply got punished.
    That’s a really debilitating mindset to have and it’s very hard to break.
    I honestly don’t blame her for being stuck.
    Nor do I blame og Eris for projecting her frustration and lack of confidence on her. She’s constantly pointing out how Helena doesn’t know her place, because she keeps getting told how she doesn’t know her place.

    Ultimately the real evil lays in neither of them, but in the Prince and his mother.

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  10. Okayyy im biased cuz obviously im cheering on our “villainess “ cuz she is the MC and badass and i just simply love her. BUT…if HELENA was the MC then I’d probably still like her and hated on Eris even tho I would find out about her backstory later on….to be really honest. Yall get me?


  11. Ok Helena you’ve won some good points from me. And, I hope everyone can agree that the crown prince is the biggest asshole here, right? I’d like to put the blame on the source, not on the victims of this stupid prince. I hope he gets his comeuppance later.

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  12. Lol.. the real villain and enabler is the queen and king. They dont educate their son that the way he treats everyone is wrong. He doesnt consider Helena’s position, he pushes Eris to hate herself and Helena, he lashes out at the maids when his little pet is “mistreated”. All of this is reported to the parents but his dad doesnt care about him and his mom spoils him and she’s an idiot when it comes to societal etiquette.

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  13. i love how different this heroine. and tbh, can we all say that if in the beginning in this story our protagonist is helena instead of eris. i’m sure most of you will hate eris like how you hate helena in this chapter. don’t you agree?

    the former eris and helena has their bad and good side. people are grey, not black nor white. is anyone truly a villain? is anyone truly a kind and pitiful heroine/hero? like for example, the crown prince. as some in this comment section, they say that the one who is to take the blame is the emperess and emperor for not educating him. but are they truly at fault? doesn’t the crown prince is already an adult? arent adult should the responsibilities of their actions instead of the adult parent?

    like for eris, didnt she bullied helena when their young and till now?isn’t that wrong?although she have the perfect reason to hate helena?

    for me, i think out of all characters in this story, helena has the most mature outlook out of all POV i have seen in this manhwa, for now ofc. why? because she let go of her grudge when she saw a reason to do so. and that is very mature, imo


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