24 thoughts on “The Princess Imprints The Traitor Chapter 28

  1. The look of horror that passed by Mikhael face… Someone is trying to stir the pot and the other is getting jelly!!


  2. he’s handsome and he knows it sbriubgvskj
    also, the level of cringe in his demeanor is through. the. roof. i can’t, I really can’t *cries*

    but on the positive side, a battle won by eve, yay!

    ps: thank you for the amazing chapter!!

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    1. can’t you see the male lead position is filled? out boys got black hair ffs! this is male lead 101!!


  3. Lol
    He’s trying really hard. XD idk how to feel about it. Cause she’s kinda like… Disgusted no? Pfthahahhahhah

    Many thanks


  4. I really hope he isn’t on Betty’s side. In the past life, it mentioned that he killed Betty when they rebel or I assume it was him so I’m hoping he is like that now, that he isn’t on Betty’s side but just playing safe to stay alive. I just want all these knights to be free of this stupid oath. They deserve to have their freedom

    Also Mikhael about to cut him up if he comes near Eve again


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