5 thoughts on “Shadow Queen Chapter 52

  1. I hope the webtoon justify a better explanation why the prince do something terrible in the past toward her (according to Elena’s POV) and hope it’s just somewhat misunderstanding.


  2. Was there any real indication that the prince was in on the scheme? Was the resentment simply directed towards the grand duke, as he threatened the crown’s power? Under these circumstances, it’s possible the author intends to rehabilitate the crown prince as the male lead


  3. This is just what I’ve pieced together:
    Her “family” wants to control the crown- they make her consort and kill his true love- she becomes queen and has a baby- her fam now controls the crown through the prince

    It’s basically he was manipulated and as the last hope for the royals it led to an ultimate failure.

    ***She was never really Veronica tho so it’s not HER fault, but he doesn’t know that**

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