9 thoughts on “Villainess Maker Chapter 34

    1. That was so weird tbh, like of course she shouldn’t be forced to be in a relationship, but she can just reject them, with “get along” she just wants everyone’s love without having to reciprocate it, I guess it’s fine if she makes that clear to everyone but she doesn’t which is completely unfair towards the other person.

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  1. Girl, if you want a harem, be upfront about it. Don’t just skirt around the issue like this. (At least shonen harem novels are really upfront about the “I’ll just take multiple wives” thing)

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  2. It looks like the Duke fell in love to our FL… And I think that Charlotte will be turning into a Villainess. I don’t know about the priest or magician guy, but I was surprised by his sudden remark (maybe Killian did something to him?)


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