11 thoughts on “Kill The Villainess Chapter 33

  1. Eris is so compelling but she really is right that she has a bad personality. She’s very arrogant, very dismissive of people, and it doesn’t take her long to get used to using people. She’s absolutely compelling and a force to be reckoned with, but the great thing about this story is the author never lets you forget that she’s not a “good” person and has never been interested in it. As much as people shit on Helena…jeong/Eris and the real Eris are both incredibly self-centered and you can see why both their families operated on a lot of problematic approaches. The thing I keep wondering is…Why does jeong/Eris want to go back? I get she does love her family despite hating how they see her versus her brother. I get that she doesn’t even like this genre of novel and that she wants some of the freedoms her old life had, but I wish it came through more. And I also find myself annoyed with her lack of empathy for others…or her not being concerned about the fact that her world also is operating on the same principles of causality.

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    1. i think her character has always been well written- after all what makes a character a good character is not their personality or morals but rather how complex they are written/shown 2 be. but yea i like that they go in depth with how she came to be because there are definitely characters that are written poorly or shown in a wrong light, good personality or not.

      as for ur question, it’s most likely contextual as in its probably because… she’s forced to live in someone else’s world and cannot even have freedom over her own life? she is a literal puppet, like she says, which must follow the laws of the world (and was chosen to be given this certain fate) and she cannot even live as long as she pleases. god knows if she even will die of old age or see everybody die alongside her. the people around her hate her and want to see her suffer and that alone is enough to want to go back to ur og world where she at least isn’t as bound by these circumstances. the author does a lot to show how bad the world is to her and how restricted she truly is partially to answer that question. her lack of empathy is understandable because she literally lives in world that disregards and wishes for her detriment- where will she learn empathy from? all her coldness is not justified but comes from idk everything shes been thru her entire life


    2. and not just that where is she supposed to find the capacity to care about her original world when shes in another world and alr going thru an experience beyond what mortals are capable of doing.. idk just empathizin with her


    3. Eris doesn’t seem to show empathy for the other characters because to her they aren’t real. They’re fictional characters to her. Being of the other world makes her disconnected.

      Makes me think of Solas from Dragon Age. The world he’s in has people with sundered/muted magical abilities and they’ve lost connection to the Fade. People who are completely severed from the Fade act like people who went through a lobotomy. Just shells of people, and that’s how Solas sees them.

      I’m guessing Eris is under the same impression and I’m excited to see how she deals with it when they become real to her.


    4. I think it’s more a thing of like… why would she want to stay? She’s bound to a miserable life here, that she knows won’t get better anyway, she has no real sources of affection there and also a written death sentence from the get go. Why would she want to not go back? On Earth she has at least the illusion of things getting better or at the bare minimum a reward for her efforts, her family might not give her the attention she deserves, but they love her and have shown to reach out more than once anyway. Earth is better to her in every single aspect. And it would be weird for her to have sympathy towards characters she knows would not hesitate to not show empathy towards her, and the ones that do show are to her no more than side characters on a book that is actively trapping her


  2. Honestly I don’t even mind Eris’ lack of empathy. If I were in her place and I knew for a FACT that everyone around me wouldn’t hesitate for a second to end my life or make me miserable for the sake of some girl would make me want to die too. Especially if it was not even by their own volition, but rather is a predetermined fate for her to live a painful life to begin with.


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