A Fairy Tale for Villains Chapter 1

I can’t believe I’m OldBoy!TL/N: Yes, it says old boy e_e it’s a reference to a korean movie (called OldBoy. So good, if you guys didn’t see it, go watch it.) Disclaimer: it’s a R-movie so no minors and no sensitive people, hear momma Gina and be good. Translator: GinaProofreader: Evolet and Space_LadyRaw Provider: GinaJoinContinue reading “A Fairy Tale for Villains Chapter 1”

A Fairy Tale For Villains [Prologue]

Translator: Gina Proofreader: Evolet and Space_Lady Raw Provider: Gina Join our discord server for more updates: https://discord.gg/b4qcHNxFPd The story of a princess trapped in a tower is cliché. Even if not a princess, you may have heard of the noble young lady trapped in a tower at least once. “…Maybe they’re just trying to mockContinue reading “A Fairy Tale For Villains [Prologue]”